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Benefits of Low Code Enterprise RAD Platform Introduced by HokuApps

RAD platform

Enterprise RAD Platform

HokuApps Enterprise RAD Platform helps businesses create mobile apps at 10x speed.

Implementing the HokuApps RAD platform allowed us to connect better with customers and deliver business value.”
— Teddy Nissan
SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, October 23, 2017 / -- HokuApps Enterprise RAD Platform as a Leader in the low code application development. Our RAD Platform facilitates the creation and deployment of enterprise apps with minimal coding and half the required training. Low code RAD Software frameworks ensure a wider scope for innovation and enable the involvement of both the technical and the marketing team.

Key attributes of Rapid Application Development Platform are:

1. Visual Tools for App Development:

Low code application platforms offer user-friendly and intuitive app building methods and procedures. In fact, on a RAD Software, developers can actually drag and drop corresponding components into responsive design user interfaces, which adapt to the screen resolution of a device. The rise in demand for enterprise apps for mobiles has led to the development of low code RAD Platforms that offer cross-platform app development features.

2.Integration Processes Made Simple:

Almost all businesses need to rely on data intensively in order to develop an app that performs seamlessly and is high on the functionality quotient. The data is drawn from disparate sources like proprietary systems, APIs, and external sources. The integration of all of this data can take up an inordinate amount of resources when a RAD Software is not present. This necessitates a RAD model for the purpose of creating hybrid and enterprise-grade customer-oriented applications.

3. Instant Deployment:

Besides the fundamental feature of reducing the need for coding, another beneficial characteristic feature of a low code Rapid Application Development software is to streamline and accelerate the process of app development. A low code RAD software expedites delivery and instant deployment of complex apps with enhanced and highly advanced features. A RAD Platform, which is essentially low code, offers a central console for maintenance and updating of these apps.

Build Enterprise Applications 10 times faster. How? know more:

Advantages of Using a HokuApps Rapid Application Development Platform:

1.Collaboration between IT and Business Personnel:

The best low code platform enables various departments to collaborate and cooperate, in order to ensure a healthy exchange of ideas. The coming together of developers, subject matter experts and marketing personnel produces drives innovation. Consequently, the need to rework the app is also diminished along with production costs.

2. IT Backlog is Cleared:

Low code RAD Software, with its non-linear approach, gives an immense boost to the reduction of waste of resources and shortens delivery timelines. Low code RAD Model streamlines and speeds up the entire app development process from end to end and simultaneously frees up IT resources by clearing their backlog, which significantly increases productivity for the entire organization.


Low code Rapid Application Development Software has revolutionized the way work is done in organizations because of the non-waterfall approaches it puts to use. A RAD Platform promotes collaboration and innovation with its flexible and open RAD model approach, which encourages inputs from individuals across the organization. While this productively channelizes talent, it also makes the process democratic, as everybody involved (with their diverse skill sets and experience) gets to have a say in it.

4.Complex and Enterprise-Grade Apps:

With the level of sophistication that the apps produced are expected to exhibit, it is next to impossible not to use RAD model and a low code rapid application development software. Customer-facing apps, which are sleek and user-friendly, and complex at the same time, would be extremely expensive and difficult to create without using a RAD Platform.

5. Highly Innovative:

Low code RAD Model is the best solution when the organization attaches significant value to experimentation and growth. A RAD Platform that promotes these and innovation is the best low code platform when innovation ranks high on the organization’s priorities.

When you want to get hold of the best RAD model framework for your unique set of app development requirements, here are some questions you need to ask.

Four Questions to Ask while Choosing the Appropriate Low Code RAD Platform

1. Is it open source?
Most low code Rapid Application Development Platform claims to have a feature called “No Vendor Lock-In”, but not all of them are entirely based on open source technology. The best platform for application development ensures extensible and open low code RAD Platform.

2. How scalable is it?
Your low code Rapid Application Development Platform will enable you to satisfactorily reach your ambitious goals for app development, importantly, within the time and resource constraints. Existing resources and infrastructure are leveraged to yield vast benefits - which only the ideal low code RAD Platform can successfully facilitate.

3. Is it easy to share?
Most low code Rapid Application Development Platforms support APIs only as an afterthought. Whereas, only the best low code RAD Platform will give you the scope to easily import APIs and use them seamlessly with components of the user interface. In other words, you must invest in the platform from HokuApps.

4. Is external integration possible?
The ideal low code Rapid Application Development Platform would enable excellent integration capabilities for data stored in disparate proprietary systems. Also, you should be able to use this low code Rapid Application Development Platform across several apps and app development processes.
What this means is that you do not only have to look for any low code Rapid Application Development Platform. You need to source, and subsequently, purchase – only the best – low code Rapid Application Development Platform.

Low code Rapid Application Development Platforms Have a Bright Future:

According to Forrester Research, the market for low code Rapid Application Development Platform was $ 1.7 billion in 2015. Low code Rapid Application Development Platforms market is predicted to grow to a whopping $ 15.4 billion in 2020. Studies show that, already, the demand for low code Rapid Application Development Platform is increasing by fifty percent every year. This demonstrates exactly how indispensable low code Rapid Application Development Platforms are becoming to the business of enterprise app development. The future of these low code RAD Platforms, therefore, is bright, giving you an excellent reason to invest in the right one.

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